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Noël Peiren

A name that will never be forgotten by anyone in the pigeon sport in Belgium and far outside of Belgium. The Peiren breed that is known all over the world and its extremely strong breed is found in many pigeoncots. His pigeons fly top performances from Bourges to Barcelona. Only in the national flights is the clock set, before this it is only a matter of training for Noël. Only national top performances count for the Peiren breed

Top pigeons such as the “Barcelona”, the “Karel”, the “Brive”, “De Artiest” and the “Montauban” are still immortalised in their breeds

As one can read on the website, Mr. Noël Peiren is a valued man for us. The “Master” mentioned earlier means a lot to us. Due to him we have also managed to breed a strong colony of pigeons. Meanwhilst young pigeons from his 1st of Barcelona ’05 and family related of the wonderful result of Barcelona ’05 are present in our colony as well.

The history

The basis lies with Noël’s father who already owned a good pigeon breed in 1947 and was able to develop this into a strong racing breed. The pigeon came from: Hector Delou, M vanderVelde, Vanderweghe, Cattrijsse, Beulens, C. Hooremans, Van der Espt en R. van Spitael.

Unfortunately the father, Georges Peiren, had to stop working with the pigeons in 1976 due to his health. The pigeons were all sold, only the breeders were kept. Noël took over the care of these pigeons whilst in the meanwhile he set up his own home in 1974. When Noël’s father passed away Noël looked after the pigeons for a while in Vladslo as well. From these pigeons he has placed several pairs in his own pigeoncots. This once again resulted in a very strong racing breed where he cross-bred these pigeon with West-Flemish breeds. Noël worked on breeding together with different enthusiasts. What the pigeons managed to do at Noël’s father still seems to be working. A fantastic pigeoncot with fabulous pigeons for distances from 400 to 1100 kilometres.

1st National Bourges 23.667 pigeons 2004
1st National Brive 19.487 pigeons 2004

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