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1st National Bourges 23.667 pigeons 2004

1st National Brive 19.487 pigeons 2004

Noël Peiren from Zedelgem

No one has ever done this !!

By Johan Kempen (Geel)


The race Bourges was the first national race of the season 2004. Most fanciers enter with their best birds, the specialist on 500 km and others. The very long distance fanciers enter this races in order to prepare them for the international races. The top fancier Noël Peiren did it with his birds for Barcelona. His birds were in good forme but he did not expect this result: 12.26-12.35-12.43-12.45-12.46-12.48-12.48-12.55-12.56-12.56-12.59…His first bird won 1ste national, his second bird 17th national…against 23.667 pigeons. One week later came the second national race, the first for the long distance. Noël entered with his widowcocks and…16.39-16.52-17.09-17.16-17.17-17.22-17.23-17.24-17.29-17.31-17.31-17.34-17.35-17.38…again 1ste national prize! No other fancier in Belgium has ever done this. The fancier that has won all in Belgium, keeps on winning in 2004. Lets take a look at the winners!

3039825/01 De Brive


Poitiers 807p-153

Souillac Gistel 366p-9
3 provincies 674p-18
provincial 1657p-33
National 8327p-47


Brive national 19.487p-1

The sire is ‘Diplomaat 2337563/94’, raced at the loft Gerard Viaene (the best friend of Noël Peiren who owns only Peiren birds). He won 5th national Montauban 7352p in 1997 and came direct from Noël Peiren. The sire is ‘St-Vincent 3402120/87’ (pure Vanbruaene ) X ‘Blauw 3376705/85’(pure Vanbruaene – granddaughter 1st intern. Barcelona 1984)). These are the grandparents of ‘Wondere Peiren’ (direct from Peiren but raced on the loft Saarloos , NL, and became World Champion Long Distance and Ace Pigeon Long distance in the Netherlands). The dame of ‘Brive’ is ‘Annick 3278029/97’, direct from Donaat Vanoverschelde-Colaert. This young fancier from Zarren has excellent results on long distance with his strain crossbred with strain Peiren. The sire from ‘Annick’ is ‘Roste Cahors 3111960/89’ (Cahors 7528p-6, Brive 21.012p-146, Tulle 6144p-171). The dame is ‘Rost 3151644/87’, sister of 5th international Perpignan 14.525p.

Bourges 3036194/01

Bourges national 23.677p-1

The sire of this birds is the amazing and famous ‘Darco 3278563/95’ Darco = 3278563/95, a special cock with special sire and grandsire. Look very good to the results on Dax! In 1998 he won Cahors 11.090p: 76th and Dax international 10.511p: 249th. In 1999 on Cahors national 13.093p: 382nd and Dax international 12.880p: 82nd. In 2000 on Cahors national 13.838p: 80th and he missed on Dax because he arrived injured. Noël put him on the breeding loft now because he had some very good youngsters of him. The mother of DARCO is 3200961/89, a black hen from Stichelbout. The father and grandfather are super. The father ‘Dax II’ won in 1994 2nd international Dax against 6.779 pigeons. The sire of this cock was ‘Dax 883/85’ which won 213th national Cahors, 829th international Perpignan, 73rd international Perpignan, 11th international Dax, 8th national Dax, 90th national Dax an 252nd international Dax. If you see the prizes on Dax of this strain of birds: grandfather 11th international, father 2nd international and son 82nd international. Can I add that two other sons of DARCO won 21st international Dax 2001 and 26th national Montauban in 2001.

The dame of ‘Bourges’ is ‘Sister King Gyselbrecht 3296867/94’, direct from Gyselbrecht lofts in Knesselare. The brother ‘King’ won several times on Barcelona 92nd and 365th international! The sire is’ 4133242/83’, direct Emiel Denys from his famous TEE x LIMOGES. The dame is ‘Laureaat-Duivin 3391034/86’, direct A. Vanbruaene.

‘Bourges’ was not matched as a yearling , or as a 2-year-old. He was matched for the first time on 15th April in 2004. He could breed a few times and was raced on widowhood. All other birds on this compartment are matched after the Bourges-race. They can race Barcelona on youngsters 4/6 days. Noël enters with both the hens and the cocks. ‘Bourges’ must not go to Barcelona. He can stay at home and wait for his hen.

The strain Peiren

The late father of Noël was Georges Peiren who lived in Vladslo and was a very famous pigeon fancier. In 1946 he had good pigeons from the fanciers H. Debou, M. Vandervelde, G. Vanderwege, C. Hooremans, Van der Espt, R. Van Spitael, Cattrysse,Vanbruaene and Dereere. In 1976 there was an entire auction due to medical reasons of Georges. A few months before Noël took eggs from the best flyers and started racing pigeons on his own loft in Zedelgem. Georges Peiren died in 1995. Over the years the foundation breed from his father was improved by more birds of Cattrysse and Dereere, but also by breeding together with the best fanciers in West-Flanders. During all this years he won: General Champion KBDB in 1982, 1st Champion of long distance KBDB in 1983, 1st national Limoges 1991, 2 X 2nd international Dax, 4th international Barcelona in 1993, 11th national Champion long distance KBDB 1992…one of the best fanciers in Belgium the last 25 years.

Noël uses the widowhood system and in 2000 also the nest birds. Last year he had 65 widowers. They are matched for half of April fur 10 days breeding on the eggs. In this position he started training the cocks to 300km. Then they start the traditional w/h till Perpignan (beginning of August). Often racing from one season to the beginning of the next one. The pigeons (old and young, cock and hen) have an open loft, freedom every day. The best air is the open fresh air, says Noël. Whether the weather is good or bad, snow, fug or rain, the pigeons are outside of the loft. Between the old w /h cocks there are also some yearlings fur the races. Most of the yearling cocks stay in another loft and they have no hen, not fur the whole year. They go to the races but the results are not important. Usually the results are not good with these single cocks.

In 2000 they went to the Limoges National 23,550 birds, and won 1961-1733-2038… (11 of

34), this is normal; Noël does not expect any more from them. The yearlings go on w/h when they’re two years old and race Poitiers (550km) and Limoges (600km) to get more experience

When they are three years old they are ready .for the long distance and if they don ’t win a prize once It is fatal! Noël is very severe.

Noël likes young pigeons born at the end of the year, after August. During the winter he lets them out every day. From January to April he tosses them often in every direction. He tosses them from the north and the east, as he says ‘these are not dumb pigeons if you toss them lots of times. For the international race Barcelona, one of the favorite races of Noël, he uses the natural system and races both the hens and the cocks. In the beginning of the season, the hens and cocks race separate, results are not important. He pairs them by the end of May and race Barcelona on babies of 3-4 days. The hens and the cocks have good results on this nest position. He used this system the first time in 2000 with following result: Barcelona 13.659p: 7-178-313-338-398-406…(17/27). In 2002 13.021p: 678-936-1161-1178-1182-1214-1292…(17/27)

Super birds 2002

A ‘young’ cock that had good results in 2002 was 3254121/99. He won Brive national 4068th, Beziers 982nd national, Castres interprovincial 3222p: 25th and Marseille 651st national. The sire is strain ‘Bordeaux ‘; the dame is a daughter of Dax 883/85. The third cock is 3254158/99. In 2001 he won Bourges 1875p: 364th, Limoges 3933p: 327th and Limoges 8.882p: 1700th. In 2002 Bourges 1692p: 180th, Cahors 1415p: 451st, Dax 1282p: 118th and Perpignan international 18.264p: 98th. The sire is ‘Dax-Theo 681/90’, raced by a friend in Zaventem and strain Barcelona 110/85. The dame is his half sister.

A few hens are doing very well on the Barcelona race. The basic bird for this race is the hen 3341084/89, sister of the famous APOLLO. APOLLO won 1st provincial Narbonne in 1993, 22nd national Narbonne, and 38th national Brive 21.021pigeons, 204th national Narbonne, 230th national Narbonne. The sire of this APOLLO was 132/84 and won 180th national Montauban, 61st national Narbonne…. Basic hen 084/89 is the dame of 3 special hens for racing Barcelona. The sisters 045/97 and 261/97 have father ‘Kleine Karel 578/87, the half sister 035/97 has ‘Favoriet ‘86’ for father. What did these hens win?

Barcelona 2000: 621ste national against old birds
Barcelona 2001: 1213de national against old birds
Barcelona 2002: 1161ste national against old birds

Barcelona 2000: 749ste national against old
Barcelona 2001: 233ste national against old
Not raced in 2002

Barcelona 2000: 338ste national against old
Barcelona 2001: 2813de national against old
Barcelona 2002: 1214de national against old

On the semi-national race St.-Vincent Noël entered with 8 yearling hens that had no good preparation and were amongst the youngsters. They had only race a few times on speed races but did an excellent job on overnight race St-Vincent. They won 6 prizes. The first hen won 29th against 4.222 birds. The sire of this hen is direct from Jozef Vandenbroecke (strain from his friend Piet De Weerd). The dame is 158/92, daughter of Dax, same mother as 121/99(25th on Castres). See the results on the best hen in 2003

Results on other lofts

These fanciers have been successful with the strain Peiren:
1st international Perpignan old 2002 Ramaekers (Ulestraten NL)
1st international Perpignan YL and hens 2002 Annie Wouters (Olen B)
25th national Perpignan 2002 Van Overwaele-Gabriël (Brakel B)
27th national Perpignan 2002 Van Overwaele-Gabriël (Brakel B)
29th national Perpignan 2002 Van Overwaele-Gabriël (Brakel B)
Vandendriessche-Benoot 1st international Perpignan
Plauvier 1st national Limoges
Kempeneers 1st national Brive
B. Maes 1st national Barcelona hens
G. Bolle 1st national Dax

And many others who have success: Saarloos (NL) G. Vandenabeele, R. Dobbelaere, H. Debaene, Gaston Devooght, Robert Devos, Roger Florizoone, R. Vannekke, Charles Beceu, A. Vandenbrande, J. Heisack (D), J. Fulgani (D), Demuynck, Vangeel-Kempen…

Also Raf and Lars Luyckx from Geel followed my advice and got about 10 youngster on this successful loft in 2000. On the Perpignan flight for yearlings these pigeons showed themselves for the first time. The first signed (the hen 3067067/02) won 3rd provincial, 20th national and 21st international. Of the four played birds, all direct Peiren, Raf and Lars won four prizes. The father of the super hen is the “Barcelona Strubbe” (1.268th and 654th nat. Barcelona and 100% Florizoone) and her mother is “071/99” (out of brother 1st nat. Barcelona Florizoone x 302/96). The famous tandem from Geel are truly very pleased with their new pigeons. The best hen won early prize on Brive 2004 again.

Results 2002

Dax Nat. 4.772: 88-208-216-253-324-343-423-582-690-761-1143(11/12)
Dax intern. 14.507:252-436-450-518-632-666-812-1124-1351-1499-2434-2887
Barcelona nat.13.021: 678-936-1161-1178-1182-1214-1292-1338-1546-1580-1726-1947-2097-2355-2473-2843-2880(17/27)
Barcelona intern. 26.928:1830-2391-2933-2975-2984-3050-3269-3369-3892-3958-4242-4779-5081-5618-5839-6564-6624
Marseille Nat. 4.183:651-660(2/5)
Marseille intern.19.290: 2534-2579
Beziers nat.5886: 36-734-842 (3/4)
Perpignan Nat. 7.198: 60-232-304-360-437-953-1517-1611-1770 (9/17)
Perpignan intern. 18.264: 98-721-957-1112-1352-2757-4212-4436
Brive Nat. 25.352: 236-266-522-588-800-848-1012-1176-1195-1292-1590-2074-2112-2364-2614-2622-2653-2796 (24/40)
Cahors Nat. 11.211: 1749-1885-2289-2426 (4/8)
Castres semi-Nat. 3222: 25-27-173 (3/3)
Montauban Nat. 6.711: 69-118-254-462-562-606-899-1005-1437-1458-1642-1652 (12/21)
St-Vincent semi-Nat. 4.222: 29-257-378-493-798-946 (6/8)


Mostly Noël plays his cocks on widowhood but for some years now he also has a section to play on nest. Also here both partners are put in on the competition and to these pigeons Barcelona is the most important flight. The widowers get paired half of April and they only can breed for 10 days. Then they get trained on their first nest. These birds don’t have to loose a lot of “winter weight” because these pigeons get open loft from August till that moment. In fact winter time is oxygen time. Rain, wind, snow or mist shouldn’t be any kind of problem, they are outside all day long here. The only bad aspect are the birds of prey and every year again many pigeons are a victim here. Starting in May, the widowers have to learn to stay inside and they can only get out in the morning and in the evening to train. Noël plays the classical widowhood with his old cocks. His yearlings are played loose. They get to see no hen during the whole year. That’s why they don’t score within the top but still they get the chance to grow. Together with the youngsters we could find some loose hens too. In 2002 played about six birds of these and six returned within the prizes of St.Vincent. He started with the 29th national. The 2-year old widowers have to fly Poitiers (550km) and Limoges (604 km). Only when they become 3 years old they should be ready for the hard work. But you mustn’t think that Noël isn’t a strict selector. An old pigeon that misses his prize only once, should disappear.

For some years now Noël also keeps some nest-pigeons to do the most important flight of the year. These hens and cocks stay separated in spring and leave “loose”. Everything is arranged so that they can leave for Barcelona on little youngsters of their first nest. As well the hens as the cocks have to leave. This system was used for the first time in 2000 and he immediately succeeded with a super score against 13.659 p.: 7-178-313-338-398-406… (17/25).This loft gave success on the latest race on Bourges!

Topbirds 2003
3254110/99 Brother Darco

Montauban nat. 8.027d-495ste

Brive nat. 25.352d-588ste
Montauban nat. 6.711d-562ste
Beziers nat. 5.886d-36

Beziers nat. 6.348d-7

He’s a brother of Darco, 3278563/95, a super bird that won in ’98 Cahors nat. 11.090 p. and Dax internat. 249/10.511 p., in ’99 Cahors nat. 382/13.093 p. and Dax internat. 82/12.880 p.. Then in ’00 there he was again from Cahors nat. 80/11.838 p. but then he missed for the first time in his career on the next flight, the one from Dax. Afterwards Darco returned home injured and then he could stay home because Noël already had some good descendants of this cock. Darco’s mother, the 3200961/89, was a black hen of the Brive race x Stichelbout. On his father’s side he came out of two top-birds. The father, Dax II won in ’94, 2nd internat. Dax against 6.779 pigeons and his father “Dax 883/85” won 213th national Cahors, 829th internat. Perpignan, 73rd internat. Perpignan, 11th internat. Dax, 8th national Dax, 90th national Dax and 252th national Dax. So all together an 11th international prize of his grandfather, 2nd internat. of his father and the son scored with an 82nd international prize. A direct son of Darco is “Sandri 3273861/98, who was good to fly in 2002 a 21st international Perpignan against 12.176 pigeons and again in 2003 with 271/4.769 p. from Cahors, Dax nat. 268/5.026 p. and nat. Perpignan 69/7.537 p. Other cocks, which also scored well this year were:

Cahors 11.211d:2426
Tours 688d:14
Limoges 2.876d:381

Dax nat. 5.026d:466
Perpignan nat. 7.537d:14

He’s a son of the « Artist 946/87 » x « 825/94 » (hen out of the Dax-line).

Cahors interprov. 4.769d:110
Dax nat. 5.026d:356
Perpignan nat. 7.537d:184
He is a brother of ‘821/99’

Cahors interprov. 4.769d:242
Dax nat. 5.026d:76
Perpignan nat. 7.537d:29

Cahors interprov. 242/4.769 p.
Dax nat. 76/5.026 p.
Perpignan nat. 29/7.537 p.
With these results he probably belongs to the best long distance racers of 2003. In his pedigree we can see that he’s grandson of the “Marseille”.
Till now all cocks but who was the first from Barcelona? A hen. And this was also her fourth prize from this beautiful race. It’s a top-hen and she also was the first signed!


Barcelona 2000: 621st national against the old birds
Barcelona 2001: 1213th national against the old birds
Barcelona 2002: 1.161st national against the old birds
Barcelona 2003: 88th national against the old birds
In the Fondclub in Gistel she’s the second Ace-pigeon over three years Barcelona with 19%. Her father is the “Kleine Karel 578/87” the mother is the wonderful breeding hen 3341084/89. She’s a sister of the “Apollo” (1st provincial Narbonne ’93), 22nd national after the 38th national Brive against 21.021 p., 204th national Narbonne, 230th national Montauban. His father 132/84 won 180th national Montauban, 61st national Narbonne, … a true top-bird and son of the base pigeon “Artist”. Also the hen “161/97”, second Ace-pigeon in Gistel but first Ace-pigeon over three years, is owned by Noël Peiren. His cock 3263375/97 won the last three years from Barcelona in Gistel, a 22nd, 53rd and 12th prize (18%). He was fully breed to the famous “Didi” of the late Jozef Vandenbroecke from Wielsbeke.

Johan Kempen from Geel in Belgium