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About us

Bert Saarloos was brought in contact with pigeons for the first time in 1980 through his neighbour. This were decorate pigeons and high flyers. Through the presence of these pigeons ther came complete unexpected a racing pigeon in the pigeonhouse. Through the presence of a fixed food ring and a rubber ring the curiosity was born. Through this incident a lot is stemmed. Bert took a membership with the pigeon association as young boy in the catogery youth.

In 1984 Bert his youth category came to an end through his age and was forced to compete with the great seniors. This brought the combination A. Saarloos & Zn . Arie (the father of Bert), in the meantime stopped with his football career. This combination became to be a good working team.

The ideas about care and quality were on the same level. The two men are from a family of five and could race with the pigeons with 100% support from mother “Marry”and the sisters “Folke en Carla”. “Marry” the mother was “the Power”behind this beginning combination. She became in the course of the years report centre for the pigeons association and has done this a number of years. Through support of mother and sisters the combination has become as they now are.

The first ten years. ……..
The first ten years the combination was a program player, what means that they all differtent distances. The first scuccesses cam in 1985 during the flight St-Vincent which they flew for the first time. The “226”flew the first price in the Hoeksche Waard (regional). The “226” flew out two hours ahead the second pigeon. Result: 18e National a 19.344 p. The passion for the long distance had arised from that day.

Meanwhile now we are 25 years further and there have been a lot of beautiful and less beautiful moments. As every pigeon lover has experienced. The tops and campionships of the combination A. Saarloos & Zn. You can read at Performances. The less beautiful moments are the races when some pigeons never came back when there were expectaitons. Or never can’t fly anymore because of wounds or something else. In the meantime Bert has gotten many support from his wife “Erica”. She came in contact with racing pigeons for the first time throught Bert. The enthousiasm and fanaticsm is a special experience and every time when the first pigeon of the competition comes home, that special enthousiasm is also with me.

The gentlemen are very strict in what concerns care and cleaning, and they have also learned that to Erica in the meantime.

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